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Yulchon Academy

Yulchon spares no supports and efforts in providing its professionals with the help and support they require for developing expertise in their main practice areas. Yulchon’s support and efforts are evident in the fact that Yulchon has established a regular in-house education program and successfully operated Yulchon Academy, which is the first and the best among law firms in Korea.

Since its establishment in 2007, 'Yulchon Academy' has developed a variety of training courses for career development and professionals’ growth and development throughout the years. These courses include not only the latest legal knowledge and trends at home and abroad, but also education programs related to business knowledge such as finance, accounting and marketing, industry sector expertise on clients’ business, communication and presentation skills, and leadership skills, humanities and liberal arts field.

The followings are representative programs offered at Yulchon Academy

  • Training Program for Newly Recruited Lawyers
    Training Program for Newly Recruited Lawyers

    Yulchon does not assign any work to newly recruited lawyers for about 2 months after joining Yulchon, instead, we provide various practical knowledge and skills necessary for carrying out work such as writing legal documents/ contracts, and training on English and IT skills.

  • Tailored Education Programs
    Tailored Education Programs

    Yulchon Academy provides its professionals with an education program that is tailored to their level of experience. The program specifies the level of knowledge and expertise that is required for junior, middle and senior professionals and partners, and helps employees reach the top rank in their primary fields of practice.

  • Professional Legal Program
    Professional Legal Program

    Yulchon Academy provides its professionals Professional Legal Programs that deeply deal with new, specialized, and complex legal issues in each area by working in conjunction with our various internal professional teams, partners, experts from all walks of life.

  • Customized Language Programs
    Customized Language Programs

    Yulchon Academy offers customized language programs that cover English, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish for professionals as well as Korean language courses for foreign professionals. In particular, Yulchon designates and provides unique and customized language program to support each professional to study the desired language through professional lecturers at 1:1 in-house during the working hours.

  • Programs for In-House Lawyers
    Programs for In-House Lawyers

    Yulchon develops and operates various customized programs for Yulchon's professionals as well as law school students, in-house lawyers, and leaders of in-house legal organizations.

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