Why Yulchon

Ongoing Professional Development

Yulchon provides an internal program for continuing legal education and professional development for both newly admitted and experienced
attorneys, offering a wide variety of seminars, workshops and lectures, in order to expand their knowledge and to sharpen their professional skills.

Law Firm Focusing on an Ideal Work Environment

Yulchon spares no expense when it comes to providing a work environment of comfort and convenience, so that our members can focus on their pursuit of excellence.

  • Premium offices
    Premium offices
  • Convenient transportation
  • Leisure and dining
Law firm fulfilling the important value of Pro Bono

Yulchon strongly encourages and promotes pro bono work and other public interest related activities, with the objective of helping those that are in need, advocating a better legal culture, and contributing to our society.

Yulchon’s founders set the ideal from the early days of our firm, devoting a significant amount of their time and resources to public interest related activities and encouraging others around them to do the same. More recently, Yulchon has established “Onyul”: a public-interest organization that is dedicated to pro bono work and other charitable activities.

Web Accessibility

Yulchon’s website has been created in accordance with web accessibility guidelines for the convenience of the people who have difficulty accessing information on the Internet.

Yulchon strives to continuously improve the website for
the convenience of all users.